About Us

  • Stone Protection
  • Protection for tiles and masonry
  • Sealant Cleaners for Stone

Specialists in Stone & Tile Protection

Sealastone products are manufactured in the
United Kingdom by Sealastone Limited

We develop and manufacture an extreme range of non-sacrificial protective coatings for the stone and tile industry. Our sister company FR Textile Solutions produce bespoke impregnators for fabric, carpet and rug protection. The products are used by DIY, tile and cleaning professionals.

Through extensive testing and research, both in the laboratory and in the field, we have created products that protect masonry, stone and concrete surfaces against damage caused by water and oil-based stains.

Key Personnel

Ian Cade


Ian Cade has eniormous experience in fluoropolymer protection, originally starting out in relation to the textile industry he has used his knowledge and expertise to ensure that the Sealastone range of stone sealants is of the highest quality and performance. He is always looking at ways to improve the product range and will only let a product be released to market after thorough testing.

Alex Kite


Alex has a background within the fluropolymer industry and specialises in creating non-sacrificial coatings for architectural use.