Grout Sealer – Aerosol

  • Sealastone Degreaser
    Quick drying, easy spray-and-go application, long-lasting invisible strain-resistant
    protection and can be applied to both damp and dry grout!

Grout Sealer – Aerosol

Grout Sealant:

  • Protects Grout from Mould, Mildew & Staining
  • QUICK DRYING Easy Spray & Go application
  • Long Lasting Invisible stain resistant protection!
  • Does not alter the natural colour or appearance!
  • Can be applied to both dampand dry grout!
  • Allows treated surfaces to Breathe!
  • Ideal for Stone, Mosaics and Crackle Glazed Tiles and sealing Grout for Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

SEALAStone Grout & Tile Sealer is the result of years of experience in sealant technology.With a philosophy of only producing sealants that can be considered the best on the market we are confident we produce a product that offers unbeatable performance. Sealastone will protect against oil & water based stains. **The product is safe in and around food preperation areas and will enable easy cleanup of oil and grease spillages (once applied and left to cure for 24 hours just wipe down with a pH neutral cleaner to remove any excess).

DIRECTIONS FOR APPLICATION When applying to damp grout ensure that at least 20 minutes has passed by before applying Sealastone Grout Sealer. Sealastone will not affect the grouts colour or appearance and will not affect the grouts curing time.

COVERAGE Will seal approximately 20 square metres or 600 linear metres of grout.

QUANTITIES Available in 600ml and 150ml Aerosol cans.

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